About Us

Telecom Test and Repair Laboratories is a leading provider of repair services and solutions for companies looking for the best service and highest value from their supply chain. Telecom Test and Repair Laboratories was launched over ten years ago by long time Telco engineers and technicians to test, repair and refurbish central office and network equipment in support of independent surplus equipment providers in the industry. Our product and service portfolio has evolved over the years to support several companies in the industry. In fact, if you currently buy surplus or refurbished equipment from some of the major suppliers in the industry, you’re more than likely already familiar with our service and quality.

Our employees have been repairing product at TT&RL since 2005. Our experience enables us to provide superior problem solving capability through a combination of ingenuity and experience. Our Repair techniques, “can-do” attitude and a level of unique repair expertise  results in a higher level of performance than our competitors.

After a decade of  service to the industry, our Telco clients are finding we offer some of the best repair and refurbishment value in the industry at an average in-house turnaround time of only one week. This has helped our clients reduce their repair and return budget by direct savings on repair and in required spares inventory on hand.

So, what’s In It for you? Simple – improved, measurable performance with a team of repair and engineering experts and low hassle, low cost services with very little hand holding resulting in a higher level of value for each of our clients.

We Are Customer Focused

We will respond to our customers rapidly and always ensure that our business maintains its focus on their needs.


Our values are simple:


We will always strive to be honest and do the right thing, no matter what the situation and circumstance might be. We will always keep our promises.

Straightforward- easy to work with

We will be easy to deal with as possible. We will never complicate our relationships with onerous policies, guidelines and procedures.


All systems, products and services we provide will be delivered consistently.


Our beliefs are the foundation of our culture: respect to our customers, respect for the individual, striving for excellence and acting with integrity.We will treat all individuals, the environment and property with respect.