Environmental Sustainability

TT&RL and the Environment

TT&RL is committed to environmental leadership in all of its business activities. We have decided to aggressively making choices that reduce our effect on the environment.  Our objective is to participate positively in the long-term well being of our environment.  When we join with consumers and businesses who are focusing on ways to promote and practice the intelligent use of resources, this becomes a healthy partnership.

It is our intent to:

  • Be an environmentally accountable neighbor in the communities where we operate.
  • Provide a safe and healthful workplace.
  • Lower waste by reusing and recycling materials and purchasing recycled materials.
  • Developing and improving operations and technologies to minimize waste.
  • Actively prevent air, water, and other pollution.
  • Properly dispose of waste safely and responsibly.
  • Repair products that are safe for their intended use and that can be reused, recycled or disposed of safely.
  • Use energy responsibly throughout our business.
  • Meet or exceed all applicable government requirements and voluntary requirements to which TT&RL subscribes.
  • Endeavor to constantly improve TT&RL’s Environmental management system and performance.

Every employee and every contractor on TT&RL premises is expected to follow our guidelines and to report any environmental, health, or safety concern to TT&RL management. Managers are expected to take prompt action.

We are excited to join with consumers, vendors, and suppliers who are focusing on ways to promote and practice the intelligent use of resources.