Our Leadership Team

Dedicated People.
Larry Shouse

Larry Shouse

DIrector of Company Operations

Mr. Shouse has more than 30 years of progressively responsible experience in the telecommunications industry.  Larry directs all the activities of the company and is responsible for its performance and profit/loss.  Among other achievements Larry was previously the President of Bay Technologies in Cermont, Florida.  Mr. Shouse speaks fluent English and Japanese and enjoys outdoor activities.

  • Operations 50%
  • Client Services 30%
  • Finance 20%
Chelsea Reddick

Chelsea Reddick

Customer Service Manager

Chelsea is involved in the overall guidance of the company’s customer service and quality satisfaction.  Ms. Reddick has used her understanding of both internal operations and customer requirements to assure the company is compliant with turnaround time and other customer key performance indicators.  Chelsea attended Polk State College and is engaged in the local community.

  • Quality Monitoring 25%
  • Customer Satisfaction 50%
  • Internal Policy 25%

Advanced Technology

We are in the business of repairing advanced technology. Utilizing todays most advanced test equipment and techniques we can support your network from leading edge to legacy.

You know by now that we think about emerging technology.  We understand the technological convergence of different systems progressing towards related goals.  Convergence takes separate technologies such as voice, telephony features, data and video and brings them together so that they can share assets and resources.  More importantly they interact with each other, creating a new level of productivity.

That is really the point—we use advanced technology to drive quality and efficiency.


We have an outstanding Team of Repair and Support personnel, many of whom have been with us since the early days of the company.  Our Technicians  are Certified and average over 30 years each in telecom equipment repair experience.   Our belief is to empower our employees and give them the ability to effect change. The results are truly astounding. Our people are our greatest assets.


The company’s origin is based upon the repair of high tech equipment.  With hundreds of  years of combined repair experience, TT&RL’s technical team are some of the most experienced in the industry.

Our team of specialists work in close collaboration to continuously develop repair processes and techniques to improve repair yields, while at the same time providing critical feedback to help improve client products.

This level of expertise can’t really be measured… or can it?  TT&RL’s recovery rates (yields) on returned product consistently outperform the competition.

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