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Our Repair Process:

Receiving: We match your PO to equipment received to ensure accuracy. All discrepancies are forwarded to customer service for resolution with the customer.

Inbound Inspection: Our technicians will thoroughly inspect each unit for completeness, and look for physical damage to ensure each unit can safely be installed into the appropriate shelf for testing.

System Level Testing: The system is provisioned for the specific card, and the card is installed. If the unit boots up properly, it is then tested using our properly cross connected in-lab network using state of the art test equipment, ensuring thorough, real work level testing.   All testing is accomplished while running maximum traffic or load on the unit, as appropriate.

Repair: Our technicians will replace all commonalty failing components, then troubleshoot and repair the unit to manufacture’s specifications.

Re-Test: All repaired units are tested again (Step 3 above) to ensure proper operation to manufacturer specifications.

Burn-In: each repaired unit is left in the system under load or with traffic and is burned in overnight.

Final Test: After burn-in each unit is teste once again to catch any thermal issues.

Quality Inspection: An inspector will perform a random sampling g of each lot repaired. They inspect for cosmetics, quality of workmanship and will retest the unit for proper operation.

Shipping: We can ship your units as complete orders or as they are repaired individually.